Fifth Eye tarot deck by sara anne haas

It was my Color class midterm project to design a deck of cards, with no parameters given other than to use systems of color to communicate.  

So, I researched the origins of tarot and created this deck. By referencing imagery found in the Rider-Waite deck (the most popular deck used today) but injecting a distinctly modern satirical element into the designs, I sought to disrupt the traditional stuffiness of tarot, while still retaining enough symbolism to make them functional and relatable. Each is an original illustration professionally printed on whatever plasticky paper cards are usually made of. I have just major arcana right now but at some point I hope to do the minor arcana too.

If by chance, anyone is interested in purchasing a deck, I have a few extras.




Overgrowth is a new and ongoing artistic collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina

Inspired by a pursuit of beauty, Riley combines classically thoughtful botanical designs with Parker’s carefully considered film images in an expression of the multifaceted relationship between humankind and nature. The two artists contrast anonymous portraiture with sweeping landscapes in an attempt to capture both the malleable and untamed aspects of the natural world.

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